社是 / Mission Statement

We drive business to the Mission on the same Vector as Partners.

メッセージ / Message

Bob Dylanは1964年東京オリンピックが開催された年に、“時代は変わる/The Times They are a-Changin”という曲で、今日の敗者は明日の勝者に、今日の一番が、明日の最後尾に。何故なら時代は変わっているのだから。と謳っています。Steve JobsはStay Hungry、と我々に挑戦し続ける事を伝えています。

Thank you for visiting our home page. The company has been established in 2011 with the mission statement of "We drive business to the Mission on the same Vector as Partners."
World Economy becomes severely tough by Financial crysises, exchange rate fluctuation, technology innovation, flattenization of global economy and business, hi-tech product value destraction by immediate commonization of production method, global cost competition and etc. But on the other hand, new industries and businesses are borning in this marked transforming days.
We believe this: The Economy shall be standing on Manufacturing to maintain and even to grow. Economic prosperity may be fruited by sharing each competitive edge globally. American guiter player, Bob Dylan sings in "The Times They are a-Chaingin", "〜For the loser now will be later to win, 〜the first one now will later to be last, For the times they are a-changin' " in Tokyo Olympic year, 1964. Apple Inc. founder, Steve Jobs was encouraging us to be "Stay Hungry" in order to keep challenging.
We keep challanging to present the most competitive products and services in the most competitive manner by networking in this flat world. At the end we would like to be the partner to share the happiness and smile after accomplishing Mission together.

社会的責任(CSR) / Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR基本方針 /
CSR Policy
1. 私たちは、事業を通し、社会に貢献します。
We, Mission Vector Partners, Inc., shall contribute to social well being via business.

2. 世界の文化、伝統、習慣、違いの理解に努め、公正かつ誠実に正義(Justice) を持って取り組み、人、環境、社会との調和のとれた事業を推進します。
We, Mission Vector Partners, Inc., shall understand global unique culture, tradition, custom and these differences, and shall promote business in harmony with human beings, environment, and society/community by having fair, honest and justice minds.

3. 倫理観と正義(Justice)に基づき、事業創造に努め、新な挑戦を継続し、社会に貢献します。
We, Mission Vector Partners, Inc., effort to business creation, keep challenging to the next steps, and shall contribute to the global community based on the principle of ethics and justice.
事業推進の行動規範 /
Norm of Business Driving
We understand the mission of business and inquiry correctly, and we do business standing on justice as our business ethics. We do not take any action on our business without justice.

環境方針 / Environmental Policy

基本理念 /
Basic Principle
We execute our practical business with lower environmental impact by finding economical and business point of view.
環境方針指針 /
Environmental Policy Guideline
1. 環境法規制等の遵守 /
Compliance with environmental Laws and Regulations
Comply with environmental preserve laws, regulations, and international treaties in our business activity.

2. 環境に配慮した事業推進 /
Promotion of environmentally friendly business
Promote our business activity with technically and economically possible environment friendly manner to sustain Natural Ecosystem, and regional and global society.

3. 社会との共生 / Commonwealth (common good) in global society
Contribute to the commonwealth in the global society to be sustainable as a good corporate citizen.

4. 環境保全活動の推進 /
Promotion of Environmental Preservation Activities
Promote "Efficient Use and Re-Use of Resources", "Energy and Resource Saving", and "Reduce and Recycle of Waste" to contribute to recyclable society by working with and for environmental friendly products and services.

5. 環境方針の啓発活動の推進 /
Promotion of Environmental Policy Educational Activity
Promote enlightenment to our business partners to improve awareness and activities related to environmental conservation.

会社沿革 / Company History

Sept. 13, 2011
Start operation in HakataーKu, Fukuoka City, Japan



福岡県福岡市中央区大名2-1-43, 606

#606, 2-1-43 Daimyo, Chuo-Ku
Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 810-0041

TEL 092-285-6698